3 Reasons Swag Incentives Can Work Better Than Cash Incentives

I recently was in a meeting with a Direct Selling company and they asked me a simple question: Why should I use branded swag instead of cash incentives?

It's a great question because consultants are in the business to make money, so why not give them a $50 bonus if they hit a certain sales goal? From my experience, here are 3 reasons why branded swag incentives are some times better than offering money:

1) Perceived Value

Branded swag gives you the opportunity to give a higher quality gift than money. When coming up with lists of swag ideas for my clients, I often look at the perceived value they bring to the end user. You want the consultant to feel like they are getting something more expensive than what it is costing you to buy in bulk.

Example: Popsockets is a simple little device that you put on your phone (great advertising area) and they have been really growing in popularity over the last couple of years. You can now buy a Popsocket in the store for $12-14, while it only costs you $2! That is a big savings to you!

2) Personalized Touch

Giving money as an incentive can sometimes be perceived as impersonal. The great thing about giving swag as a gift, is it has that personalized feel and shows you put some thought into the item you are giving them. When you give your consultants swag, you are saying that you care about them.

3) Visual Goal

A cash incentive gives your consultants a marker to hit, but it doesn't offer a constant reminder of their goals like swag items do. Most Direct Selling companies harness the power of big incentive trips, why not harness that same motivation on smaller items throughout the year? It helps draw the focus on the little steps you need to take day in and day out to reach your bigger goals.