Importance of "Convo Starters"

I have been in direct selling before... I gave it a try back in college when my family got involved in a direct selling company that promoted discounted vacation packages. My parents were excited about the opportunity and after listening to a presentation I was eager to give it a try as well. I thought, "My friends love to travel, this will be easy!" Was I in for a treat or what?!? 

I didn't have a ton of success in my short direct selling career... but I found the toughest part was bringing it up in conversation for the first time. That is why my focus is creating "convo starters" to talk about your business. If you can get a stylish piece of apparel or jewelry into your consultants hands, it becomes a convo starter when people ask where they got it. In the sales world, this can be a game changer for people who aren't used to selling. So it is the upmost importance to give your consultants the resources to create an opportunity to talk about their business.

If I were to send out a poll to direct selling marketing departments and I asked this question...

On a scale from 1-10, how well are you doing in providing resources to your consultants to create an opportunity to talk about their business?

The average response I would probably receive would be an 8 out of 10. From my experience and research, I would probably rank most direct selling companies around a 2.5. They could be doing much better but I don't fault them because they don't know what the possibilities are. If you are interested in discussing ways where you can get better at the convo starter, please reach out on my contact page.