How to Stretch Your Marketing Budget by Planning Ahead

Did you know there was an easy way to stretch your marketing funds just by planning ahead? Most people know there are ways to save big money on purchasing from Asian countries but they don’t where to look or how to go about it. 

Well I’ve got good news… if you can plan 3 months ahead of time, I can help you save 25-50% on ordering promotional and signage products. How you might ask? I have relationships with direct overseas manufacturers that take one “touch” out of the equation. And each touch includes a mark-up in price to you the end user.

Here is a current look on how the ordering process works:

As you can see not all situations make the most sense to go overseas. You need to have a larger budget and time to plan in advance but it could pay big dividends for you in the long run. Make sure whomever you are working with has the ability to do both. If not, please reach out to me on my contact page and I will be happy to talk about the process further with you.