Warehouse Fulfillment


Warehouse Fulfillment. What does that even mean?? Well I believe it’s one of the most underrated things we offer here at HiCORP but it needs to be first explained in your terms.

Here are some ways Direct Selling companies currently take advantage of our warehouse fulfillment capabilities:

Monthly or Quarterly Incentives

We produce the branded item, receive it in our warehouse, place it in a custom package, and ship them individually to an consultant address list you provide us.

Custom Kitting Projects

You have an incentive trip coming up. You don’t have the time to receive all the different branded gifts and put them together. We have a cost effective way to pack them all into a special kit, and deliver it to your trip destination ready to be handed out to your trip earners.

E-commerce Website

We host numerous white label online e-commerce websites for our customers. Our platform can ship branded apparel, swag, and other business supplies from centrally located Oklahoma to save your consultants time and shipping costs. We can also provide detailed inventory and usage reports for your management team.