2015 Swag Trends Survey Results

I am always looking for new swag ideas to pass on to my college customers. And who knows the swag game best? Recruiters. They are attending recruiting fairs weekly so they know what kind of swag students think is cool. I recently showed up and surveyed 25 recruiters from different colleges and universities across the Midwest and here is what I found:

1)      I showed recruiters a list of new swag ideas and told them to pick their favorite. Here are the top 3 choices:

Silicone card sleeves – 46% 

Smart spot phone holder – 30%

Keyboard dot – 12%

2)      T-shirts are still king. Here is what is trending:

Comfort Colors - Soft-washed garment-dyed fabric. My little sister in college said her sorority doesn't buy anything else.

Very Important Tee - New good quality soft shirt at a lower price point.

3)   86% of universities were passing out either pens, decals, or both. Some recruiting events have restrictions on what kind of swag you can bring so pens and decals are popular. Here are easy and creative ways to be different: 

Banner Pens - These can include majors offered or a football schedule.

Projector Pens - For a little more you can give students the wow factor and an item they will show others.

Auto decals - Students want decals that they can put on their car. Pay the extra 30% and don't give them a cheap sticker that they will just throw away.

Domed decals - Full color print option that can be moved from product to product.