College Mail- How to Avoid Being Lost in the Pile


A hashtag and trending phrase for the overwhelming amount of university mail most high school students receive from schools.  Simply search for "#collegemail" on Twitter or Instagram and you'll see hundred of posts from students, shocked by the mass amounts of college mail that arrives at their doorstep.  By sending an informational pamphlet or postcard to your prospective students you are merely adding to the pile of mail that they will glance at, let sit on their desk for a couple weeks, and eventually throw out.  Surveys show that 59% of student with GPAs 3.6+ read less than half of their unsolicited mail.  So how do you ensure that your mail is read?  That prospective students are reached?

I've put together a list of unique swag items that are easy to mail and sure to be appreciated by any undecicded high school student.


ideas for unique college admissions mailers 

These endless folding cards provide maximum space for information and graphics about your university.  Detailed cards that fold over and over again into themselves- they're fun to read and hard to put down!  Click here for a demonstration.  

Bubblegrams combine a small swag item with a informational card.  It gives them a reason to reach for it in their pile of college mail.  You can include a unique item to help them remember your university or send something practical like a pen or lip balm. 

pop socket for admissions mailer

Popsockets are useful and unique.  With a custom design or your school's logo, this is an item that is inexpensive and functional.  It is lightweight enough to be shipped without breaking the bank and will help you stand out among other universities.  

vr try 2.jpg

If you have a virtual reality tour of your university these headsets are a must.  Made from cardboard, but easy to assemble.  Let your students revisit campus or show their friends and family where they're attending next fall.  These are lightweight and unique, an item that prospective students will be excited and curious about!

For pricing and more information on these products, please see link below.

Swag Mailer Ideas