Custom Packaging- How it can Revolutionize Your Marketing

Custom packaging promotional items 


The Complete Package

Create a lasting impression and brand recognition while you strengthen your marketing campaign.  Custom packaging is a cost effective way to personalize your promotional items and an easy way to boost social media presence and contest participation.  

Engage Your Customer 

Utilize all sides of your custom packaging! Integrate marketing themes, media campaigns, websites, and QR codes that tie into sweepstakes, contests and more. Having these calls to action lead to potentially significant increases in R.O.I. and strengthen your client relationships!

Eastern Sierra Case Study

custom packaging water bottle

Eastern Sierra, a foundation dedicated to promoting the Eastern Sierra district as a hunting and fishing destination, offers promotional gifts to visitors and has a gift shop where branded merchandise can be purchased.  Eastern Sierra now presents every promotional gift and retail item in beautiful, custom packaging that features powerful calls-to-action, information about fish and game, and links to the Eastern Sierra website.  Return visits and retail sales have increased and engagement on social media and visiting to the website has significantly increased.  Additional revenue created by the low-cost addition of custom packaging has allowed the foundation to build a new boat launch ramp and make improvements to their duck blinds. 

65% Increase on social media engagement

150% Email list growth for year one

30% Increase on return visits   


Wellington Luxury Hotel Case Study

Wellington Luxury Hotels is a small chain that offers an exclusive, high-end experience to the fashion-conscious traveler.  To promote wellness, the boutique chain wanted to design a promotional water bottle that guests could use on walks or workouts in the gym.  The marketing team at Wellington Hotels used this promotional item as an opportunity for branding; they took advantage of custom packaging to tell the compelling history of the hotel chain, which was directly printed onto the bottle’s packaging.  Placing a shortened URL and a OR code on the bottle’s packaging as well, they directed guests to Wellington’s website where they were encouraged to answer ten questions about their hotel preferences, and receive a complimentary spa treatment in return.  The retrieved data from this program was used to create a highly segmented email list that delivered offers to the participating guests, based on stated preferences and opinions.  

50% Increase of social media engagement

250% Email list growth for year one

35% Increase on return visits