Recruiting for the Young at Heart

Don’t be deceived… Your recruitment targets may be putting their best foot forward, but at heart they are just big kids wanting to have a good time!  And you can make that happen! Utilize your promotional items to create a fun experience and help your school be remembered.

I remember when my sister was in highschool she received a helium balloon as a gift.  She was so delighted with the balloon that she tied it around her wrist to bob along with her the rest of the day.  She even kept it on while she took a nap!

Tried and true promotional items such as a pen may be useful.  They may be carried around in a purse or stashed on a desk.  But are they memorable?  Will they bring a smile or create an experience? 

It is not hard to believe that studies have shown a link between memory and emotions.  Researchers have found that:

-       Events that evoke emotions are more likely to be remembered.

-       Positive emotions are remembered better than negative emotions.

How can you use this information to your advantage when recruiting?  By inspiring JOY in potential students, you are creating a positive association with your school.  In addition, those positive emotions will increase the likelihood of your school standing out and being remembered.

Here are some promotional ideas for the young at heart: