Top 3 Benefits of Tassel Toppers

Designed to help students stand out and personalize their caps on graduation day, Tassel Toppers are a fun new way to promote your university.  

Here are the top 3 benefits of tassel toppers:

1) Recruiting tool- For those high school seniors who are still undecided come graduation time, they will see their friends flashing your university at graduation. It also works as an easy way to further expose your university on social media- your tassel topper is sure to make it into their graduation photos and will most likely be shared through their personal Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.    

2) Thank you gift- There is often a long period in between students enrolling with your university and actually attending.  This is a fun way to make students feel special and valued, and it creates an opportunity for students to show off that they are attending your university in the fall.  

3) Customized college toppers- Another idea is to use these as gifts for students graduating from your university and customize them for each college within your university.  Students can brag about graduating from the College of Engineering as well as receive a sentimental keepsake from their soon-to-be Alma mater.  

Other Product Benefits:

  • Keepsake that lasts forever
  • Help your loved ones find you in a crowd
  • They will not damage graduation caps
  • They are removable and can be re-attached as needed
  • Made of durable plastic
  • It leaves room for the Turning of the Tassel