Why VR is a Recruitment Game Changer

VR is changing the game in recruiting. Apps such as "YouVisit Showcase" now allow high school students to take a 3D tour of college campuses without actually having to travel there. While this doesn't quite do the full campus tour justice, it can be a great alternative for parents who aren't able to come or students that live too far away.

After product testing one the "YouVisit Showcase" app, here are our 3 best VR options:

1) Foldable Virtual Reality Headset

Average user rating: 3 stars

virtual reality for college tours


  • Most economical under 1,000 units 
  • Slim design can be fit into mailer
  • Sturdy construction


  • Images are a little blurry but have low minimums

2) Google Cardboard, Version 2

Average user rating: 4 stars

college promotional items


  • Most economical over 1,000 units
  • Google cardboard has great brand recognition
  • Slim design can be fit into mailer


  • Images are less blurry but minimum is 1,000 units

3) Adjustable VR Viewer

Average user rating: 4.5 stars

virtual reality headset giveaway


  • Images are very clear
  • Can adjust headset to many sizes
  • Recommended for traveling recruiters
  • Low minimums


  • Size and price do not make it cost effective as a mass mailer


See the link below for pricing:

Foldable VR Headset Pricing