My wife and I recently wanted to do a bathroom remodel. We did some online research and then visited 3 different flooring showrooms to pick out some tile.  We looked at dozens of displays and flipped through hundreds of sample boards. After awhile, they all seemed to blend together... the showrooms were a "Sea of Sameness". If I found a tile sample I was interested in, I would take a picture with my phone and ask the salesperson to give me more information.

Does this sound like the typical shopping experience of your retail shopper?

Problem: The displays held the product but there was no attempt to provide me with additional resources to help make my decision. There was not a display that said "Spend some additional time in front of me!" 

Solution: Flooring companies need to take a fresh look at the shopper's path the purchase and look at how they can help attract, engage and convert shoppers in-store. Shoppers have become accustomed to self-driven, interactive, and highly personalized experiences online and they’re looking for the same kind of value with in-store displays. Touch screen monitors built into displays can do just that.

But don't take my word for it, here is the Danze CEO explaining why they felt it was important to incorporate digital.

Dream with me a little on what you could offer them...

Basic Kiosk View Version:

  • Attract loop commercial displayed to draw attention when not in use.
  • Floor finders to help shopper narrow list of options.
  • New product videos that are not in the quickly outdated catalog.
  • Special promotions at a targeted list of dealers.
  • Image galleries that can provide shoppers with inspiration. 
  • Give interior designers opportunity to email ideas to clients.
  • Social media reviews and posts.

The good news is that prices for deploying digital displays are dropping rapidly thanks to advances in technology. Please reach out below if you would like to set up a time to test a demo touchscreen in a showroom of your choice.